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How can I reduce my Carbon Offset in the world and also earn money from it?

The total emission of Energy Cash Tokens will be 100,000,000 and will never be able to be added. If we have sold all tokens for carbon offsets, we will buy back tokens via the exchange. We hope to achieve this by converting 20% of the funds that we have in reserve into bitcoin.

We will gradually give less Energy Cash tokens with Carbon Offsets that are purchased.

You can of course offer the Energy Cash tokens on the exchange for a lower price than we offer.

But you can also wait until our price goes up and sell your Energy Cash tokens with a reasonable profit.

To give you an example

A user buys 50 $ 3000 Energy Cash tokens for his Carbon Offsets.

This same amount may have just become $ 100 for 3000 Energy Cash tokens a year later.

This means that the people who bought the first 20 million tokens see almost a doubling in the value of the Energy Cash tokens they have purchased.

We will gradually double the Carbon Offset price with every 20 million Energy Cah tokens sold.